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What Makes an Ordinary PC The Gaming Computer?

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What Makes an Ordinary PC The Gaming Computer?

When you visit the shop for desktop, you may see many laptop and personal computer that comes with a quite pretty and impressive specification. But those PCs are not the gaming computer. Many laptop repair shop in Leeds is claiming to customize your personal computer for you.

Please do not fall for the innovative technology prints on the desktop that they offer you the top-notch gaming services. You may find workstations, laptops, desktops that all like they may have the ability to play the latest incapacity. So the question here what makes the ordinary pc a gaming computer?

It is not difficult to tell which pc iis for gaming. In the SLI setup when you have the 2 TITAN X’S begin from the windowed panel. It clear that you see the gaming system.

On the other hands, it is a little challenging to find out whether the computer is for gaming or not when you break the barrier of the ordinary computer into the gaming PC.

Here is some part that you require to create a gaming pc for yourself. The parts are pretty similar to the ordinary pc.

  • Cooling(CPU cooling, Fans, etc.)
  • Power Supply
  • Graphics Cards
  • Storage drive
  • Memory
  • Processor
  • Motherboard. ( Motherboard repair shop in Leeds is there to help you in the regards)

For specification, it is best to look for a laptop repair shop in Leeds.

You must be thinking basic home, or business computer has all these parts. Some machines have graphic cards. But instead of discreate video card, some computer prefers using on-board procession of video. If the gaming and regular pc share the same parts, then what makes them different?


Do you know that motherboard is the essential component of a gaming computer? The chip and the motherboard determine the

  • Processor for the computer
  • features it will have like a USB port, onboard video and much more

When buying or building your Personal computer, many individual start with the motherboard. So if you hire any professional for this service, they always go for motherboard first. Currently, many gamer look for Z170 chipset of Inter. It is because of this chipset work best with Skylake processor of Intel. But Z170 chipset particular permit for 2 sought-after features, SLI and overclocking.

What overclokcing do? It speeds up your computer processor manually. SLI  permits you to multiply graphic cards NVIDIA.

The Processor

After motherboard the next important element of a gaming computer is the processor.  The games are usually GPU intensive, and the CPU is genital for system performance. The top ten gaming computer has the processor i7or i5 up to around eight-core. If you are looking for some pocket-friendly solution, then four-core can do the work but still cause some issues with software and games.

The iCore 5 processor of Intel sits best on the spot of affordability and power. Remember the processor with the model number K in their end like Corei56600k are capable of overclocking and unlocked. But for this, you must have the right motherboard. For motherboard details, you can visit the motherboard repair shop in Leeds.

So it is not easy to upgrade the processor easily do it is best to look professional help from the laptop repair shop in Leeds. The expert now which processor is best for you gaming needs. The Apple gadget Repair in Leeds has complete knowledge about the motherboard and processor.

The 99x is also one of the popular chipsets. But remember these motherboards work best excllent with Procesor with no onboard video. So for this, you need a graphic card.

So visit the laptop repair shop in Leeds for a gaming computer, and they will choose the right chipset for your gaming pc.


When playing games on the PC is stuck after some minutes, and you are unable to play the game smoothly. If you face such issues, then its means the problem is with RAM. It depicts you does not have sufficient RAM to perform the function.

DDR3  is the inexpensive ram but not suitable for the gaming computer.  The 8GB is the minimum RAM for the gaming PC. But 16 GB work best for the smooth running of the game. You can also boost the RAM as high as you want. It not only makes the game turns smoothly but also turns their applications too.

If your games have to utilize the memory of the system instead of VRAM graphic cards, then you are taking the performance hit.

Usually, gamers go for the high-speed memory when overclocking but extra performance/dollar your spent is not there

Conclusion: Apple Gadget Repair for Gaming Service

 If you are confused about how to upgrade your pc form gaming, then look for a laptop repair shop in Leeds. They customize the gaming computer as per the requirements and deliver to you with on 14 days.