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LCD repair / replacement

whether or not you have dropped or spilled liquid for your cell telephone, its liquid crystal display display is easy to damage.

it’s miles made of a liquid crystal material this is pressed between glass plates. repairing your telephone’s lcd display screen includes changing the display screen completely, a complex system due to the compact inner layout of maximum cellular telephones. it entails completely dismantling the cellphone’s outer casing.

step 1
Hold down the telephone’s electricity button for about 3 to five seconds to electricity down the cell cellphone. area the phone face down for your palm. press down on the phone’s back cowl. slide the cover downward to disengage it from the phone. remove the found out battery from the smartphone.

step 2
Use the proper screwdriver to put off all screws from the smartphone’s back casing. in maximum cases, cellular phones use torx screws, but in a few cases you could need to use a precision phillips-head screwdriver.

step 3
Insert a skinny, flat-head screwdriver or guitar select into the seam along the out of doors edge of the telephone’s casing. pry the telephone’s returned casing from rest of the phone. this have to reveal your smartphone’s foremost circuit board.

step 4
Put off all ultimate screws from the smartphone’s circuit board. elevate the circuit board out of the smartphone’s casing slightly, and punctiliously disconnect all ribbon cables attached to the circuit board. dispose of the circuit board from the cellphone. this can monitor the again facet of the keypad and lcd display.

step 5
Get rid of any screws fastening the lcd display and keypad in location. carry the lcd display screen out of its compartment, and disconnect any remaining ribbon cables, as essential. vicinity the brand new liquid crystal display display face down in the empty display screen compartment.

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